A Man With A Plan. And A Van.

“How cool is this?!” I just kept repeating to myself as Simone and I drove from our home to Amstelveen, all within a 25 km radius of Amsterdam. Too bad our own car, a 20 year old pink Toyota Starlet, was in the repair shop. We parked the undefined-color car that we’d borrowed in front of an old police building. The building is now occupied by Marc Barteling. Marc is the creator of the website WhyILoveThisBook.com, a site that contains one-minute videos of book reviews by passionate book readers.

Marc is a passionate book reader himself. And he has a mobile workspace. He has a camper. Or motorhome. Or whatever the correct English word for it is. It’s a studio on wheels where people join him and tell stories about their favorite book.

“How cool is this?!” I repeated to myself.

Infinite Loop of Care and Connection

We met Niki at the beginning of her work day, 6 p.m., at the alley entrance to the old brick building within which her Mobius Cycle studio lives. We followed our gracious host several floors up a winding, dusty staircase—photographer Daniel looking at the beautiful light coming through the old windows and fashion-challenged me admiring her dreadlocks—all the way up to the wide and open door of the floor she works on. The floor holds many work spaces, she explained, including Mobius Cycle. Where her work space ended and the others’ work spaces began wasn’t entirely clear. We would eventually come to understand this as simply an extension of Niki herself…