Lori and Bas are friends. Lori lives on Whidbey Island, WA, USA. Bas lives in Zandvoort, The Netherlands. Here we are on the map Bas created for our new book Different Office.

We’re curious about many questions. “How do we continue to move from ‘I Should’ to ‘I love my work’?” being one of them. Another being “How do we sustain doing this work we love so that loving what we do simply becomes who we are?”

Some might say “just do it.” But we are not some. We’re creators/writers/researchers/story wranglers/mid-life-crisis/introverted/40-somethings with plenty of “I Shoulds” ourselves. So. We do what we do best.

We write, draw, research, gather stories, host retreats and workshops, have some breakdowns, get lost in our own inner worlds, meet people who amaze us, and work on the “I Shoulds” that quiet 40-somethings have. Yes, instead of “just do it” we’re intentionally taking the long, slow web way. Our way.

In the process we’re co-creating lives and careers within which we deepen our friendships, make new friends, and tap into wonder and awe and goose bumps together.

We do so by diving deep into the stories of those who are working through and beyond their own “I Shoulds” and sustaining themselves doing work they love. At some point we also noticed that we’re documenting a culture that involves work as play; life and work as a beautiful, messy whole instead of as separate, needs-to-be-balanced parts; humans recognizing their potential as creators; humans getting more comfortable moving as collectives, individuals, and the space between; getting closer as people; and allowing our lives to become exponentially better together.

Because that’s what all those years of writing, researching, gathering stories, getting lost, having overly active imaginations, and many “I Shoulds” brought us: the power to live, find, and craft stories beyond the superficial. We haz super powers. And we’re turning them into careers.

Our first book, Different Work, documents year one of our journey. The second book, Travel Guide for Transitions, documents year two. This new book, Different Office, spans years three and four of our journey–and documents how more than a dozen people sustain themselves and thrive doing their own soul-satisfying work.

Lots of “I Shoulds” down. More to go…