As you approach Del Webber’s home/work space, a patch of forest rises out of a sea of strip malls, suburban houses, and wide-paved streets. His narrow gravel driveway reads like the first page of a really good murder mystery. What awaits us behind those trees? The trees dim the light the farther down his driveway you go. As you pull into his yard, it’s only as your eyes adjust to the dimmed forest light that you begin to notice the art.

Art everywhere.

Round wooden balls as tall as me casually tossed like marbles around the base of a tree. Chairs hanging like wind-chimes beneath a round tree house. Stone, wood, and metal sculptures poking out from behind tree branches and tucked into spaces that the forest appears to have created just for them. This is a magic place. And you can’t help but wonder about its caretaker. Wonder just who this city-forest-dwelling and giant-art-scattering human is…

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