The People Are the Space

I dug through my email folder and figured out that I met Susan and Jacob in early May, 2012, when I joined the Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance group–a place for coworking space owners and other collaborative space holders in our area to get to know each other, hang out together, swap stories, and help each other out. I quickly realized that I’d actually met them briefly before, back in 2008, when I visited their coworking space, Office Nomads, as I was exploring my options as a new, free, recently jumped-from-my-corporate ship human. And I remembered that seeing their space back then helped me say “No!” to going back to my old world of work.

But this past year, Daniel and I opened our home as a coworking space, so I began to get to know them as fellow coworking space holders, and I’ve come to think of them as friends. Susan and Buckley dog sometimes come and work in our space, and I recently became a 5-days-a-month member of their space. I recognized Office Nomads as a self-created, soul-satisfying work space, in large part because they both glow when they talk about their space, and the coworking community and culture in general, and their own business partnership. So Daniel and I headed over one sunny late January afternoon to hear their story…

A Man With A Plan. And A Van.

“How cool is this?!” I just kept repeating to myself as Simone and I drove from our home to Amstelveen, all within a 25 km radius of Amsterdam. Too bad our own car, a 20 year old pink Toyota Starlet, was in the repair shop. We parked the undefined-color car that we’d borrowed in front of an old police building. The building is now occupied by Marc Barteling. Marc is the creator of the website, a site that contains one-minute videos of book reviews by passionate book readers.

Marc is a passionate book reader himself. And he has a mobile workspace. He has a camper. Or motorhome. Or whatever the correct English word for it is. It’s a studio on wheels where people join him and tell stories about their favorite book.

“How cool is this?!” I repeated to myself.