A Man With A Plan. And A Van.

“How cool is this?!” I just kept repeating to myself as Simone and I drove from our home to Amstelveen, all within a 25 km radius of Amsterdam. Too bad our own car, a 20 year old pink Toyota Starlet, was in the repair shop. We parked the undefined-color car that we’d borrowed in front of an old police building. The building is now occupied by Marc Barteling. Marc is the creator of the website WhyILoveThisBook.com, a site that contains one-minute videos of book reviews by passionate book readers.

Marc is a passionate book reader himself. And he has a mobile workspace. He has a camper. Or motorhome. Or whatever the correct English word for it is. It’s a studio on wheels where people join him and tell stories about their favorite book.

“How cool is this?!” I repeated to myself.